Find the proceedings of FASE 2016 here.

The Fabrication and Sculpting Event (FASE) presents original research at the intersection of theory and practice in shape modeling, fabrication and sculpting. FASE focuses on the practical problems of generating novel shapes and specifically addresses the interplay of theory and practice. FASE invites practitioners who might be less inclined to write software, but who have inspiring ideas to contribute to the shape modeling community including visually stimulating shapes or techniques. It is not a requirement that computations are involved, but the research should have a clear algorithmic or mathematical aspect.


FASE solicits papers that pose new questions and motivate further research in shape modeling, fabrication and sculpting. Topics should be useful, for example, in the following areas:


FASE 2016 will be co-located in Berlin with the Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), Shape Modeling International (SMI) and the Symposium on Solid & Physical Modeling (SPM) as part of the Geometry Summit in 2016.

Important Dates