Course 1: Computational Aspects of Mappings
Noam Aigerman and Shahar Kovalsky (Weizmann Institute)

Download the slides here.

Course 2: Inverse Problems in Computational Design
Bernhard Thomaszewski (Disney Research Zurich)

Course 3: Optimization in Geometry Processing
David Bommes (RWTH Aachen) and Justin Solomon (MIT)

Download the slides here and here.

Course 4: Quad Mesh Generation
Marcel Campen (New York University

Download the slides here.
Unfortunately no video available.

Course 5: Skinning: Real-time Shape Deformation
Alec Jacobson (Columbia University)

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Course 6: Laplace-Beltrami: The Swiss Army Knife of Geometry Processing
Etienne Vouga (UT Austin)

Download the slides here.

Course 7: Pyramid Algorithms
Ron Goldman (Rice University)

Course 8: Simplification and Approximation
Pierre Alliez (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

Download the slides here.

Course 9: Representations and Applications of Tangential Vector Fields
Mirela Ben-Chen and Omri Azencot (Technion)

Download the slides here.

Course 10: Projective Geometric Algebra: A Swiss Army Knife for Graphics and Games
Charles Gunn (TU Berlin)

Download the slides here.